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Cyber Investigations

Cyber InvstigationsSWPAC is a provider of specialised, world renowned, Cyber Investigations Tools and Services to Law Enforcement and Specialised Intelligence Collection agencies both Federal and State.


LyrebirdProject LYREBIRD was a concept suggested by the Director of SWPAC to specialist agencies that needed a toolset to allow the replication of communications. The product's purpose is intended for COMINT Operator Training, EW specific target training, EW System Testing, Imitative Communications Deception (ICD) and Psychological Operations.



DARTSimulated communications are a necessary part of providing training and other force multipliers on the modern Electronic Battlefield. Creating and conducting realistic scenarios with strong, efficient and positive training outcomes are typically labour intensive. Communications deception scripts, for Electronic Warfare use, and other outcomes usually demand vast experience and planning.

Welcome to SystemWare-Pacific Pty Ltd (SWPAC)

SWPAC provides innovative solutions to a range of uniquely challenging requirements. Specializing in Radio Frequency collection, analysis and reporting products, we offer a full suite of experience based solutions unique to the Australian Marketplace.


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