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SystemWare-Pacific is the sole Authorised Distributor for AccuFACE in the Australasian and Oceanic regions. AccuFACE® is a biometric, embedded facial recognition system designed for Access Control, Time and Attendance and User Authentication applications and authenticates users in less than 1 second. Powered by near Infrared Facial Recognition technology AccuFACE® has superior accuracy, speed and reliability over other facial recognition systems in differing light and working conditions.

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Guardian II Full RF Spectrum Coverage in a Small, Light Weight, Man-Portable Design

Guardian II is a portable Radio Frequency (RF) search system that is small, lightweight and easy to use. Guardian II combines hardware and software components into a man-portable RF detection and monitoring system. The software application interface is designed so a user with minimal RF knowledge can operate it, but also provides all the tools an experienced operator needs to accomplish the mission.

Guardian II is intended to be used by professionals for RF Signals Tests and Measurements, Spectrum Management and Laboratory applications. The Guardian is ideal for use by Wi-Fi and Cellular providers performing Signal Strength Verification, or identifying unlicensed transmissions. Whether performing security services, or FCC Compliance Testing, the Guardian’s intuitive software design will meet your current and long term mission needs.

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Guardian II



  • 15 Hour Battery Life (Battery Dependent)
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • User Definable Sweep Parameters
    • Multiple Segmented Sweeps Allow the User to Focus on Specific Ranges of the Spectrum
    • Discrete Frequency Scans (channel scans) with Individual Channel Settings
  • Automated Functions and Extensive Scheduling Options Allow the System to Run Unattended
  • Post-Collection Data Analysis and Playback of Recorded Audio Data
  • Port Switch Capable
  • Wideband (short duration) Intermediate Frequency (IF) Snapshot Recording
  • Remote Controllable
  • Optional Integrated Logging Package
  • Automated Recording of Audio from Significant Signals
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
  • Dynamically Adjustable Baseline Offset and Signal Occurrence Settings to Easily Identify Signals of Interest
    • Threat Signals are Highlighted when Signal Strength Exceeds User-Defined Limits
    • Threat Signals are Presented in Multiple, Easy to Read Formats



  • SWARM-D Receiver
    • Frequency Range: 20 MHz-12 GHz
    • RF Input: 50 ohms
    • Maximum RF Input: +20 dBm
    • Power: 8 - 16 VDC (< 22 Watts)
  • Rugged Sub-Notebook Computer Controller
  • Receiver Dimensions 15" x 9" x 3.5"
  • Receiver Weight: 10 lbs



  • Sweep the RF Spectrum with User-Defined Frequency Parameters
    • Single or Multiple Sweep Segments Over a 20 MHz to 12 GHz Frequency Range
    • Maximum Sweep Speed up to 5 GHz/sec
    • Frequency (Channel) Scan
    • Dynamic Re-Tasking of Sweep Parameters to Meet an Immediate Collection Mission
    • Schedule Sweeps to Automatically Start Even When the System is Unattended
    • Hand-Off Capable to/from Other Platforms
  • Multiple Visual Representations of the RF Spectrum
    • 2D Display
    • 3D Threat List Display
    • Waterfall Display
    • Threat Frequency List
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
    • Wireless Network Detection and Identification
    • Analog Signal Demodulation (AM/FM/AM PLS)
    • One-Button or Automatic Audio-Recording
    • Classification of Common Digital and Analog Signals
    • Video Recreation
  • Post-Collection Data Analysis Tools
    • 2D Plot
    • 3D Plot
    • Coloured Raster
    • Dual 3D Plot
    • Consolidated Exceedance List
  • Save IF Data for Post-Collection
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