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SystemWare-Pacific is the sole Authorised Distributor for AccuFACE in the Australasian and Oceanic regions. AccuFACE® is a biometric, embedded facial recognition system designed for Access Control, Time and Attendance and User Authentication applications and authenticates users in less than 1 second. Powered by near Infrared Facial Recognition technology AccuFACE® has superior accuracy, speed and reliability over other facial recognition systems in differing light and working conditions.

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In-Place Monitoring Systems (IPMS)

CTL-SystemWare offer world leading capabilities for secure, permanent monitoring of one room or an entire facility.

Because a nation’s vital interests aren’t limited to the federal government, CTL-SystemWare’s goal is to provide the most comprehensive, turnkey RF monitoring solutions for:

  • key executive residences
  • sensitive facilities in high threat areas
  • boardrooms, conference centers and other sensitive discussion areas
  • telecommunications facilities

Whether you’re responsible for protecting national defence information or valuable intellectual property, CTL-SystemWare’s security experts will team with you to develop a security solution customized for your organization.


Our solution allows you to monitor geographically separated sites by deploying multiple collection platforms.

This solution has been developed over a lengthy period for the specific needs of government, commercial and law enforcement agencies that need to monitor for RF devices and signals in order to maintain the highest levels of security.

  • rapid detection of outgoing signals from cell phones, PDAS, pagers, bugs, and any other radio frequency (RF) surveillance devices
  • remote monitoring of all covered sites from a single, central command center
  • utmost flexibility and power to investigate and document any signal found
  • fastest commercial available

RF sweeps to help detect unauthorized transmission of sensitive information.


SystemWare Pacific Pty. Ltd. would be delighted to discuss this capability in the privacy of the requesting agency's preferred location or in our offices in Canberra, Australia.

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