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SystemWare-Pacific is the sole Authorised Distributor for AccuFACE in the Australasian and Oceanic regions. AccuFACE® is a biometric, embedded facial recognition system designed for Access Control, Time and Attendance and User Authentication applications and authenticates users in less than 1 second. Powered by near Infrared Facial Recognition technology AccuFACE® has superior accuracy, speed and reliability over other facial recognition systems in differing light and working conditions.

Electo-Metrics EM 6003 Antenna Kit, Ultra-Wideband Print E-mail

em6003.jpg - 13kb The EM-6003 Antenna kit covers the broadest frequency range available in such a small, rugged, deployable package. Offering the uncompromising performance you’ve come to expect from Electro-Metrics, a state-of-the-art design provides the antenna characteristics you need, unmatched in the community.

The EM-6003 kit features three all new passive antennas that set standards in the field.

The EM-6857 "Club" Omni-directional Antenna has frequency coverage over a range greater than 20 MHz to 40 GHz. Gains for this antenna are nominally 0 dBi or higher over 99.5% of the covered frequency range.

The EM-6945 "Vector" Hand-held LPA has its gain and efficiency peaked to give the greatest directional sensitivity from 500 MHz to 25 GHz. With gains of 4 to 8 dBi from below 600 MHz to above 19 GHz, Vector is the ideal device for localizing the origin of signal transmission.

The EM-6904 "Hockey Puck" whip antenna provides the coverage down to 1 kHz, and extends up over 100 MHz. The solid base, and rubberized whip, combine for a rugged, effective means to detect signals in the HF range.

Product Specifications

Frequency Range: 1 kHz – 40 GHz

Standard Kit Contents:

EM-6857 Omni-directional Antenna, 20 MHz – 40 GHz
EM-6945 Directional Antenna, 500 MHz – 25 GHz
EM-6904 Omni-directional Antenna, 1 kHz – 100 MHz

EM-6133 Tripod, Mini, Rugged, 10”

EM-1320-120 2 ea. 10 foot low loss, SMA male, SMA male
Optional EM-1107-1 1 ea. 25 foot BNC male, BNC female

Case Dimensions*:
Depth: 19.5” (49.53cm)
Width: 24.5” (62.23cm)
Height: 14” (35.56cm)

* Case listed includes space for receiver. Alternate smaller and larger cases available

pdf EM-6003 Antenna Kit Brochure (pdf approx.300kB)

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