Built with high-accuracy French-made thermal imaging technology, AccuFACE ETC-T5 is a special version of AccuFACE, designed to enforce contactless fever detection, face mask check, and facial recognition at the same time.

Unlike low-cost thermopile based products which are slow and difficult to operate, ETC-T5 equips a long-wave infrared thermal imager and can sense body temperature in real-time (30 FPS). And its wide operating range (from 30 to 200 cm) and full sensing angle make the operation of fever detection fast and easy.

Key Features

  • Real Thermal Imager – authentic microbolometer thermal imager equipped
  • Wide-angle Speedy Sensing – sense every point within the view angle at 30 frames per second
  • Face Mask Detection – detect whether wearing face mask and enforce face covering policy
  • Liveness Detection – reject hacking with photo printout, video and digital image
  • Keep Picture Records – store up to 100,000 logs with snapshots and temperature records
  • Alarm System Ready – notify fever alarm with voice/buzzer alert and LED ring blinking; can trigger external alarm via digital output
  • Facial Recognition Possible – can further support facial recognition like EFR-T5 during fever detection
  • Ultra Compact – size of a smart phone, only 25mm thick
  • Easy to Install – support both wall mount and tripod mount; optional PoE function


Comparing Thermal Sensing Technologies

This document contains preliminary information and is subject to change without notice.

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